Personal Treasures: Celebrating Life Through Black and White Family Photographs

Timing is a funny thing. I was fortunate enough to spend last year’s birthday in Puerto Rico alongside my Grandmothers. Eight nights were spent divided among them and I savored each minute of it.

Around the time I booked my flight, I began the process of building my family tree and beginning the research process. Sometimes I forgot how many siblings my Grandmothers have! Both are from large families with kids born between the 1920s and 1930s. I have an obscene amount of second cousins.

As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to pay a surprise visit to my sweet Great Aunt Manuela & Tio Fernando. We had a giggle over a pretty photo of her & her sister (my Grandmother) when they were bachelorettes living in Santurce during the 1950s.

Familia Rivera Torres

I’m so glad we shared that moment. Titi Manuela passed away on Friday, July 11th and was laid to rest today.¬†Sweet memories remain. I’m grateful that my Grandmother had albums intact and shared them with me to digitize. The personal photo archival project and family tree endeavor are ongoing and I look forward to sharing some of the discoveries along the way.



Have you started researching your Spanish colonial, Moorish, and/or Caribbean lineage? Let me know what familial adventures you’re embarking upon, whether its a family reunion or researching your family tree online.