We Have Lift-off

There’s no turning back now. Having graduated from Craigslist to mailing lists, I’m in too deep. By Thursday afternoon chances are high that I’ve mapped out my weekend hits.

At first it was out of practicality. Having recently moved to a new city with no furniture, my purpose for hitting the road was specific — to outfit my drab rental apartment in West Toluca Lake/North Hollywood/Armpit of the 101. In the process, I found that going on these little weekend excursions opened my eyes to a side of the greater LA metro area that you typically just whiz on by while on the freeway.

My enabler, a colleague with a penchant for all things MCM, had me hook-line-and-sinker when she introduced me to the Queen of Estate Sales in the SGV. I’ve been frequenting estate sales on a monthly basis for 4 years now.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I enjoy hunting for treasure at estate sales & keeping my eyes peeled for goodies to upcycle.

Expect weekly posts ranging from thrifty finds from local second-hand stores, photos of funky wall paper, and a healthy helping of history to accompany finds I get really excited about.


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